The clear utility token can be used to purchase goods or services from our members’ sites in Pound Sterling, Euro and US dollar.

How to use the clear utility token?

Simply select the amount you would like to purchase, in the currency of your choice, add to your basket and we will send you a unique token ID for the purchase.
You can then use your Utility tokens within our community of partners simply by selected ‘pay with Utility Token’ – enter your unique token ID and make the purchase.
A balance email will be sent to your registered email address showing your account balance and purchase.

clear marketplace

The clear utility token can only be used via approved businesses within our community.
A list of our companies can be found below.
Every company operating in our market place has undergone strict KYB checks to ensure that the goods and services you receive are genuine, safe and secure.

British Pound Sterling

Purchase in GBP

US Dollars

Purchase in GBP

The Clear Utility Token

The Clear Utility Token is a specified token that grant holders access to a current or prospective product or service provided by the agent. 

Why use a Utility Token? 

  • The DLT follows customers interactions globally, meaning poorly performing customers can be barred from using the community of agents providing your business with greater protection 
  • Instant payment success or failures – no latency issues which are associated with other blockchain payment solutions
  • Highly secured encrypted transactions
  • Entry into clear community for greater insight
  • Integrates with most e-commerce platforms easily
  • Multi currency and languages

There are many advantages to partnering with clear


We believe in empowering a community through innovation and market intelligence


Through our network of global partners our Clear Utility Token provides you enterprise level services.

If you have any questions about using the clear utility token
or where you can redeem them please email