By definition: ‘A Utility token is a digital asset that is used to finance the network by providing its buyers with a guarantee of being able to consume some of the network’s products.’

What is a utility token?

Clear offers a unique Utility token solution that allows buyers to connect we a pre-authorised ecosystem of merchants providing goods or services globally.

The Utility Token acts as a ‘Proof of Trade’ between you and the end merchant that allows you to purchase goods or services securely.

Within our Eco System of merchants providing goods or services, all of our partners are pre-vetted with full KYC (Know your customer) and KYB (Know your business) checks to ensure all goods and services are provided by legitimate businesses.

To purchase the Clear Utility Token please click a currency below, complete the form and make a purchase.


£ - Great British Pound Sterling
  • $ - United States Dollar
  • € - Euro
WOOCS v.2.3.1

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